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Firmware Policy Tool

A simple command-line interface to the Windows Firmware Policy Library.

Usage info


firmware_policy_tool <action> <positional_parameter1> ... [-optional_parameter1] ...

Enumerating the supported actions and parameters for those actions:

firmware_policy_tool -h

firmware_policy_tool <action> -h

firmware_policy_tool create -h
usage: firmware_policy_tool create [-h] [--OEM1 OEM1] [--OEM2 OEM2]
                                      PolicyFilename Manufacturer Product
                                      SerialNumber NonceHex DevicePolicyHex

positional arguments:
  PolicyFilename   The name of the binary policy file to create
  Manufacturer     Manufacturer Name, for example, "Contoso Computers, LLC".
                   Should match the EV Certificate Subject CN="Manufacturer"
  Product          Product Name, for example, "Laptop Foo"
  SerialNumber     Serial Number, for example "F0013-000243546-X02". Should
                   match SmbiosSystemSerialNumber, SMBIOS System Information
                   (Type 1 Table) -> Serial Number
  NonceHex         The nonce in hexadecimal, for example "0x0123456789abcdef"
  DevicePolicyHex  The device policy in hexadecimal, for example to clear the
                   TPM and delete Secure Boot keys: 0x3

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  --OEM1 OEM1      Optional OEM Field 1, an arbitrary length string, for
                   example "ODM foo"
  --OEM2 OEM2      Optional OEM Field 2, an arbitrary length string

Examples of create to create an unsigned Windows Firmware Policy binary blob, and parse to parse an unsigned Windows Firmware Policy binary blob and print it in human understandable form.

firmware_policy_tool create .\test.bin "Contoso LLC." "Laptop Pro" "000-0012345-00S" 0x1a2b3c4d5e6f7890 0x3 --OEM1 "ODM Number One"

firmware_policy_tool parse .\test.bin