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edk2 logging

edk2_logging is a collection of utilities to manage logging.

There are three different ways to create handlers.

  1. setup_txt_logger - a handler that outputs a txt file
  2. setup_console_logging - a handler that logs to the console with optional colors
  3. create_output_stream - a handler that has an in-memory stream that you can later read from

setup_logging is a helper function that creates 1-3 of the handlers. The output_stream is used for plugins in mu_build so they can keep track of compiler output


Secret / PAT filtering will automatically occur if "CI" or "TF_BUILD" is set to TRUE in the os's environment.

General Practice

  • All modules that are not PlatformBuilder or stuart_ci_build should request a named logger like this:
  • Modules that are not the root module get downgraded a level (ie. critical -> warning)