Member FAQs

TianoCore has accumulated a lot of information over the years. We keep several FAQs on the wiki, organized by topic. The Member FAQ is a good starting point. You may also want to review the EDK II FAQ, and the Acronyms and Glossary page.

If you have a question and cannot find the answer, please try the EDK II developer email list. You can also search the e-mail list archive for questions already asked in email. You can also search the developer TianoCore wiki pages using the github search.

In June 2017, TianoCore added a Code of Conduct to guide project participation. The code of conduct describes how participants behave in public or in private, whenever the project will be judged by their actions. We expect it to be honored by everyone who represents the project officially or informally, claims affiliation with the project, or participates directly.

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