Transition to Github

To: EDK2 Community

This message is to notify you that near the end of January 2016 the active repository for EDK2 development will switch from using SourceForge to GitHub. The repository found at SourceForge will continue to be a read-only mirror of the master branch on GitHub.

A number of reasons have prompted us to switch to git most notably the communities request for us to make this change. Other reasons include the ability to have better commit logs and the use of branching to aid in reviewing larger changes and the addition of new features.

As part of this change a number of process changes will be adopted to support better use of git.
This includes the method for sending out patches for review and other minor changes.
Information regarding these changes will be found on in the following weeks. In addition to the process changes documentation for users new to git will also be provided.

Please post any comments or questions related to this transition to mailing list.

Thanks, Administration

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