January 14, 2010 News

January 14, 2010 News

SITE TRANSITION—DOWNTIME January 21—Your action required

The transition of The UEFI Open Source Community Website (URL: www.tianocore.org) is underway, and the members of this community should be aware of the following events:

January 14, 2010 – This message update and Email has been posted on the website and transmitted to the UEFI Open Source Community members.

January 19, 2010 – The UEFI Open Source Community Website in its current form will be ‘Locked down’ to Read only access for the community membership. This is to provide the transfer team time and opportunity to gather content from the current site and transfer it to the new site, without updates occurring in the process.

January 21, 2010 – Will be the last day that this version of the UEFI Open Source Community Website will be available. On midnight between 01/21/2010 and 01/22/2010, the current hosting of the website will end, and the content will not be available.

January 22, 2010 – The new UEFI Open Source Community Website will be available on the new hosting site. The new hosting will be part of the Sourceforge community (sourceforge.net), and will be available through the following link:


As well as www.tianocore.org once the DNS transfer takes place. There will be a slight delay between this event and the transfer ot the DNS for the URL:www.tianocore.org to transfer from the current site to the new site, during that time, the link may appear broken. The transfer team will be focused on making this timeframe as small as possible, but please be aware that this may be the case.

The following information should answer some of the most obvious questions about this change:

1) User accounts:

We are currently working on a process of converting the current UEFI Open Source Community Website accounts to Sourceforge compatible accounts.

ACTION REQUIRED: Before the transition, we will furnish a process for your SourceForge accounts. Please watch for this information and follow the instructions as soon as they are available.

2) Site Content:

After January 21. 2010, the new site will have all content originally provided in the previous site. This includes SVN, Downloads, discussion groups and boards, and information pages.

Thank you,

The Administrators

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