Our website is open source. Let us know if you have site content or other website improvements!

License information: BSD

Source repository: https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io

Note: In links and commands below, replace ‘your_username’ with your github username.

How to fork and test website changes

  1. Visit website repository page and fork the repository

  2. Go to the settings for your forked repo and rename it from tianocore.github.io to tianocore

  3. Clone your forked repo. For example:

    $git clone git@github.com:your_username/tianocore.git

  4. Checkout the gh-pages branch in your repo

    $git checkout gh-pages

  5. (Optional) Create an empty commit for the the gh-pages to push

    If you want to test the website before making any changes, you need to create an empty commit and push your gh-pages branch. You can skip this step, make some actual changes, and push those instead.

    $git commit --allow-empty -m "Empty commit so github will build site"

    $git push origin gh-pages

    Test the website at http://your_username.github.io/tianocore

  6. Make your changes, and then push the gh-pages branch

    $git push origin gh-pages

  7. Test the forked website at http://your_username.github.io/tianocore

  8. Reload the forked website at http://your_username.github.io/tianocore

  9. Let us know about your changes on edk2-devel and we’ll take a look to see if we can use them on the main site

Local testing of website changes

You can also use jekyll to test website changes before even pushing them to github.

If you are making lots of changes, this is a good idea, but it may take a while to configure. For example, you’ll probably need to install jekyll and gem, and then use gem to install jekyll-redirect-from.

Once everything it installed, you can run this command:

$jekyll serve -w .

When you run jekyll, it will tell you the local test url to open in your web browser to view your website changes.

Wiki changes

If you want to modify tianocore wiki pages, you can also use your tianocore (website) repository. Each repository on github has a wiki that is also a git repository. Therefore, you can copy the tianocore wiki to your tianocore project’s wiki by cloning the main wiki, and then pushing it to your wiki:

$git clone https://github.com/tianocore/tianocore.github.io.wiki

$cd tianocore.github.io.wiki

$git remote add your_username git@github.com:your_username/tianocore.wiki.git

$git push your_username master

Now you can make changes to your own fork of the wiki, and view them at https://github.com/your_username/tianocore/wiki.

Note: If you have trouble pushing to your wiki repo, you may have to visit the wiki page, create one page, and then force push the master branch. (It seems that github might not create the wiki git repo until you start using the wiki.)